Inboard Boat Motor Services

Westcoast Marine Perth is a Mobile Marine Inboard Boat Motor Services specialists in inboard motor repairs, maintenance and installation. Our inboard boat mechanics are trained and certified to service and repair all types of diesel and petrol engines.

Mobile Marine Inboard Boat Motor Services

Inboard marine maintenance is an extremely important requirement, that all trailer boat or motor launches keep at the forefront of their service requirements. At Westcoast Marine, we can create you a maintenance schedule that will keep your boat safe and operating correctly. Call Kane to organise an inspection or click here for more contact details.

Our services including :
1. Change Engine Oil & Filter
2. Replace Fuel Filter’s
3. Change Transmission Fluid
4. Tighten Belts/ Hoses
5. Grease Cables
6. Tighten Packing
7. Check Electrical
8. Clean Strainers
9. Test Run